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Biopharma Educational Initiative
The Biopharma Educational Initiative is an academic collaboration among the Schools of RBHS. Its curriculum features an array of courses involving Clinical Trial Sciences. For course titles, descriptions, terms and other administrative details including an explanation of Initiative Certificate Programs, please go to http://shrp.rutgers.edu/programs/biopharma/index.html.  For a listing of offerings go to http://shrp.rutgers.edu/programs/biopharma/featuredcourses.htm. Students from SHRP, SN and other UMD Schools may register through their School Registrar for Biopharma Initiative courses with permission of their academic advisors. For questions re: tuition, space availability, etc. call CACE/Biopharma office at 973-972-6482 or email to fortepr@shrp.rutgers.edu.


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